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Dr. Richard Hanover (born Manuel Bañaga) was a physician who changed his identity and relocated to Lucia after nearly killing the demented son of an eccentric heiress. Once in Lucia, he took stewardship of Lucia State Hospital, where he conducted controversial experiments on patients' minds. Dr. Hanover later hired Mildred Ratched as a nurse shortly after receiving funding from Govenor Wilburn. He would soon discover that Nurse Ratched had ulterior motives, which ultimately resulted in him fleeing Lucia.



Richard confessed to abusing several different drugs in his past to Mildred in a state of panic. We ca see this when he is inhaling a sort of gas and sniffing a liquid medication inside his car.

After graduating from medical school, Dr. Hanover sought to excel in the field of pioneering medicine. It was then when he met Lenore Osgood and promised to treat her sadistic and troubled son, Henry Osgood. Hanover, then going by his birth name, Manuel Bañaga, asked for one day alone with Henry to try a revolutionary new drug and treatment. Unbeknownst to him, Henry slipped him the entire bottle, sending him into a state of shock and disassociation. Hanover was forced to amputate Henry's arms and legs when Henry attempted to sew on the arms of a gardener, believing that his own hands were cursed; from then, Banaga changed his name to Hanover in an attempt to evade Lenore, who set a bounty upon his head.

Pioneering treatments

Hanover did not stop, however, in his efforts to become a pioneer, and during his term as steward of Lucia State Hospital, attempted to perform numerous new treatments such as the lobotomy and hypnosis, with limited success with the latter treatment and Charlotte Wells.

Despite Hanover being the head of Lucia State, numerous staff members had reserves about the treatments he prescribed. Nurse Mildred Ratched and Huck Finnigan namely had an issue with Hanover's prescribed treatment of the hot and cold bath, believing this did more harm than good.

Ousting and Death

Unbeknownst to Dr. Hanover in his hiring of Mildred Ratched, he had set in motion a chain of events that would see him lose his position at the hospital. Initially, he and Nurse Ratched worked together, however it quickly became clear that this was a scheme by Nurse Ratched to learn about Dr. Hanover's past history. She later used this history to blackmail him on numerous occasions to suit her own will.

Finally, Dr. Hanover grew tired of Nurse Ratched's continued behaviour and exclaimed that he would no longer listen to her commands. She teamed up with Betsy Bucket to solve the issue and, appealing to the benefactor of the hospital, managed to remove Hanover from his position at the hospital.

Before leaving the hospital, however, Hanover urged to remove Charlotte Wells into his care, passionately believing that she would be his medical breakthrough; Nurse Ratched allowed this. Well's quickly descended back into her previous self, however, and on one ocassion was overcome by both Ondine and Apollo simultaneously. It was in this grievous moment that she accidentally murdered Dr. Hanover in cold blood.


Season One


  • Hanover drives a black custom De Soto Diplomat four-door with the license plate 9C 50 V6.



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