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I can't rest until I know he's dead.
— Lenore Osgood

Lenore Osgood was an eccentric and cunning heiress who hired Charles Wainwright to kill Dr. Hanover for his actions that resulted in her son losing both his arms and legs.


Agenda against Hanover

After Dr. Richard Hanover mutilates her son, Lenore spends the next numerous years searching for him in an attempt to kill him as revenge for mutilating her son. She eventually finds him through the use of hit men hiding at Lucia State Hospital, where he is the new Steward. She instructs the hit men to take out Hanover and bring his head as a prize, but they are largely unsuccessful thanks to the work of Mildred Ratched.

After protecting Hanover for numerous weeks, Nurse Ratched eventually clashes with him and decides that it would be best should he be taken out of the equation. She teams up with Lenore to take him out for a handsome reward which she believes will aid Edmund Tolleson, her brother, in his new life after she saves him from death row. Despite this, Mildred eventually changes her mind, and rebukes Lenore when Hanover is exiled from the hospital by the benefactor and Betsy Bucket.

When it becomes apparent to Nurse Ratched that Hanover has been killed by Charlotte Wells, she helps Charlotte escape and offers to clean up the body herself. She takes Hanover's head to Lenore and claims her prize: a large sum of money.


With Hanover's head as a trophy, Lenore takes the present to her son, Henry. He rebukes her, however, citing that she never cared about him and she is the reason he is in his current predicament. Following this, Henry watches as a groundskeeper murders his mother on his orders.


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