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We've all done stupid things in the service of stupid men.
— Betsy Bucket

Betsy Bucket was the head nurse of Lucia State Hospital, eventually becoming permanent head of the hospital after a temporary demotion and subsequent promotion to interim head. Set in her ways, she initially was suspicious of Mildred Ratched, but grew to become a friend and confidant, even as she discovered her suspicions were correct.


Rival with Nurse Ratched

Upon Nurse Mildred Ratched's arrival to Lucia State Hospital, Bucket is immediately unnerved when her power and status at the hospital are challenged. In return, she begins acting out at Nurse Ratched, pettily stealing her food from the fridge and ordering her about where possible. This creates an internal power struggle between the two in which both are desperate to win. Th

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Nurse Ratched consoles Betsy

Eventually, Nurse Bucket is completely dominated by Nurse Ratched when Ratched forces Hanover to remove Bucket as Head Nurse and pass the position to her instead. Furthermore, Ratched convinces Bucket that Dr. Richard Hanover has romantic feelings for her and that the two should attend the charity dance together. Unbeknownst to Bucket, Hanover finds her annoying; he attends the dance with her anyway due to Ratched's blackmail. At the dance, Bucket is completely ruined when Dr. Hanover lashes out at her, citing that he cannot stand her and doesn't want to talk with her let alone dance with her. Nurse Bucket leaves the dance with Nurse Ratched ensue, ashamed of herself for the pain she has cause towards Nurse Bucket.[1]

Following this, Nurse Ratched and Nurse Bucket grow closer and become semi-allies, both working to remove Dr. Hanover from his position at Lucia State. Instead, Ratched suggests that Bucket be made interim Stewardess of Lucia State Hospital, to which the hospital's benefactor agrees to. Nurse Bucket agrees to make Huck Finnigan Head Nurse as a thank you to Nurse Ratched.

Friendship with Ratched

Eventually, the two become close friends and allies. Nurse Ratched leaves the hospital to spend time with Gwendolyn Briggs in Mexico, and Betsy Bucket is made permenant Stewardess of Lucia State. She visits Gwendolyn and Ratched in Mexico and the three talk about everything they have been through together.[2]


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